QIEM 2018 is a traditional regional conference that facilitates the meeting of recognized and young researchers.

  • The submitted papers are encouraged to address particularly, but not exclusively, the following topics:
  • Digitalization and virtualization from industry towards daily life; Smart products and production in smart cities and ecosystems;
  • Advanced manufacturing: technologies and solutions for production;
  • Robotics and AI from emerging reality to production assets;
  • From IoT through IoE to a connected world: developments, benefits and risks;
  • Innovation as the main competitive engine in production engineering and management;
  • Product and production quality: more flexible, customized and faster to a dynamic market;
  • Servitization and extended product business models;
  • Data and analytics sustaining intelligent decision-making in uncertainty conditions;
  • Cleaner, safer and sustainable solutions for products and processes;
  • Entrepreneurship for innovative products and production;
  • Delivering skills for people in a fast-changing industrial environment

Conference website  : https://icpr-aem.com/utcn-icpr-aem-2018/index.html